Marketing Mistake #11 

Leaving Your Client Unimpressed

As a business professional providing goods and services, the essence of client relationships boils down to three fundamental reasons...

1. Guiding clients in recognising or clarifying their need for
your product or service, facilitating a purchase.

2. Empowering clients with comprehensive knowledge
about your offering, fostering repeat business.

3. Inspiring clients through exceptional service, prompting them to refer others to you.
In essence, everything you communicate, present, or convey should align with these pivotal objectives.

The focus should be unwaveringly directed towards eliciting sales,
ensuring a return on investment, and cultivating referrals.

Impressions, material possessions, and aesthetically pleasing photographs
are deemed distractions from these core goals.

The true measure of success lies in creating a scenario where clients actively seek your products or services now
and in the future, and willingly become advocates, freely referring others.

Renowned marketing expert Dan Kennedy emphasizes the Disney philosophy, stressing the significance of leaving a lasting impression that compels people to share their positive experiences about your business.

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"The only thing that should be on guests’ minds when they leave Disneyland or Disney World is that you’ve done what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you!"

- Dan Kennedy -

Have you ever noticed how people enthusiastically share their experiences at Disney parks without any prompting?

Whether it's the exceptional cleanliness, incredible rides, or the courtesy and efficiency of the hosts
(who are referred to as "hosts," not employees, with visitors being called guests), everyone seems to naturally extol the virtues of their Disney trip.

Personally, I can't help but share my excitement about meeting my Disney hero, Goofy –
a moment that felt like pure childhood joy.

The intriguing part is, this fervent discussion about Disney experiences happens organically,
without any inducement or solicitation.

Now, let me ask you this: is your business generating the same level of enthusiasm and satisfaction that people can't help but talk about it, even without being prompted?

Are your actions and communications consistently focused on the three key things on the minds of clients or customers – the factors that prompt them to respond positively?

To ensure effective marketing, every effort you invest should align with income-producing concerns.

Analyse each action by asking,

"Will this contribute to the three crucial elements on the minds of

prospects or clients, enabling them to respond accordingly?"

Be honest in your evaluation, and only engage in activities that propel you toward your goals, even if they deviate from the norm in your industry.

Don't get caught up in the common practices of your peers if they don't lead to the essential elements of success.

This is your life and your business – take charge and pursue only those actions that propel you towards your goals.

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