Marketing Mistake #5 

 No Prospects for Cold Prospects

Do you hate to cold call for new business?

GREAT! You're not alone.

Most business professionals hate cold calling. The challenges of traditional cold prospects methods are not just distasteful but also inefficient, draining both time and money.

You know what I mean!

Running 'slogan happy' ads that look and sound like everyone else's.

Mailing logo-imprinted magnets, pens, pumpkin seeds, sports cards, and calendars.

Printing your photograph on business cards, banners, stationary, notepads, and posters.

Do I hear a collective groan, "There must be a better way …"

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Good News: There is!

The secret lies in crafting cost-effective marketing that entices clients/customers/patients to approach you instead.

Through a straightforward system encompassing direct mail letters, eDm's (electronic Direct mail), social media, podcasts, and budget-friendly newspaper ads, alongside cable TV and radio spots

-details of which I'll share soon - you can attract qualified clients/customers/patients to reach out or visit your business every month.

That's right!

There's no need to reach out to prospects or clients/customers/patients - you become the magnet.

How? Your marketing endeavours will need to achieve these two objectives:

1. Capture your prospects' attention, and

2. Spark enough curiosity to prompt their response.

Use the following questions from Your Marketing Machines to assess your current marketing content:

Your Marketing Machines: Assess Your Current Marketing Questions

Repeatedly, we have been told in business that purchasing decisions are driven by emotions, later rationalised by intellect. Despite this, the majority of marketing falls short of triggering either aspect.

Everything appears and sounds identical – similar approaches, assurances, and predictability. The only variations lie in the jingles, slogans, and logos.

As we've discussed in Marketing Mistake #2 and Marketing Mistake #3, continually promoting the SAME OLD THING leads to 'dead advertising', which, in turn, falls short of eliciting responses.

To attract potential clients or customers, you need to prompt them to take action by leveraging emotional appeals.

I'm referring to marketing strategies that inspire people to take action! Just like acquiring any new skill, it requires an open mind for learning. This is an opportunity to explore methods that can revolutionise your business permanently.

Picture a transformative process unfolding—a sort of "marketing metamorphosis."

You're delving into fresh concepts and resources, gaining valuable insights and skills. All of these are provided here to help you master marketing that genuinely sparks curiosity and elicits responses.

It's not a religious encounter, but rather an expansion of the mind. You're delving into authentic marketing, where psychology plays a crucial role. It adopts a 'counseling' approach rather than a 'selling' one, encouraging you to perceive the world and your prospects from a different perspective. 

In emotional advertising, the focus shifts to understanding people's needs.

Your marketing, regardless of the product or service, are crafted to convey a sense of personal connection with individuals. These emotion-driven marketing ads tap into universally shared desires such as acceptance, independence, status, security, and pure personal enjoyment—things that people actively seek and feel compelled to respond to.

Emotional marketing alleviates the daily stress of finding new clients, customers, or patients. It ensures you won't lose sleep over uncertainties, as you'll confidently anticipate responses from individuals genuinely interested in your product or service. They'll be drawn to the emotio
nal content embedded in your marketing.

You won’t waste time, money, and energy on marketing that offers only the prospect of no return.

Experience relief and excitement as you realise the ability to spark curiosity through authentic, emotional appeals.

It's an effective method to prompt people to respond! The pressure dissipates when meeting potential clients, customers, or patients.

You become a rare professional who genuinely counsels individuals about their needs and the offered products and services. They perceive your sincere efforts to assist them, and, in turn, are more than willing to engage with your retail business. They happily invest in your offerings, transforming them into loyal patrons.

No longer will the loss of a prospect cause worry; a steady stream of responses ensures a continuous influx.

You can confidently say, "Take your time deciding, and feel free to return if you change your mind. I trust you'll make an informed decision based on the information I've shared. If you require further assistance, I'm here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another client/customer/patient to attend to. Thanks for considering us."

When was the last instance you let a prospect go with such ease? Emotional marketing's potency allows you to be nonchalant about "the sale" because attention-grabbing marketing generates responses, bringing more people through your doors than ever before.

Effective emotional direct response marketing transcends industry boundaries, proving successful in any field, business, service, or profession—be it business-to-business or consumer products.

In essence, marketing is a universal language, applicable across diverse sectors. Irrespective of whether you deal in Web Development, Transportation, or anything in between, marketing that taps into people's deep-seated emotions and resonates with their hearts compels them to reach out to you.

By adopting our recommended approach, you will witness the incredible experience of having a business where 100% of your interactions result from incoming calls.

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