Domestic and Family Violence Policy

1.  About this policy

Red Office Chairs Pty Ltd T/a Your Marketing Machines is committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, customers and stakeholders, and do not tolerate domestic and family violence.  When in this situation, their safety, wellbeing and dignity are often, if not always, under threat or undermined by the use of violence.  We understand that being safe is no single or simple decision or task, and that no matter how much a person resists or responds to the violence, they may not be able to make it stop nor are they responsible for it. 

Red Office Chairs T/A Your Marketing Machines is committed to supporting all stakeholders who are experiencing or are impacted by domestic and family violence.  WE provide a supportive and confidential environment to inform, advise and seek support needed. 

We recognise domestic and family violence can happen to anyone, in any postcode, suburb and community.  It can be used to significantly undermine a person's rights, inhibit their options, undermine their safety, mental and physical health, and limit opportunities for learning and participation, access to material basics and economic wellbeing, relationships, and connections.  

Women and children are more often the victims and those who use violence are overwhelmingly male.  However, domestic and family violence can be perpetrated by a partner, family member, carer, house mate, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Women also commit domestic and family violence against men, as do same-sex partners and those who identify in non-gender binary terms.   

2.  Who does this policy apply to?

This policy is for all employees, customers, colleagues and stakeholders who are experiencing, or have experienced, domestic and family violence.

To support you, we invite you to communicate with us about your context.  This can be through any method you feel most comfortable.  There is an option to nominate someone to contact us on your behalf.  This may include:

  1. Social worker;
  2. Family member or friend;
  3. Work colleague, business partner;
  4. Trusted business advisor; or
  5. Anyone you feel you can trust. 

3.  Who is responsible for this policy?

This policy is owned by Red Office Chairs T/A Your Marketing Machines.  It will be reviewed every year.  Changes may be made at any time based on guidance or amended organisational priorities.  It is all stakeholder's responsibility to act on this policy.

4.  Confidentiality

Red Office Chairs T/A Your Marketing Machines is committed to always providing confidentiality and will only divulge information in exceptional circumstances where it is imperative to maintain the safety of an employee, customer or stakeholder. 

5.  Support

Any employee who has experienced, is experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing, domestic and family violence, is encouraged to seek assistance.  
Red Office Chairs T/A Your Marketing Machines has access to external support systems and would provide recommendations as to who to connect with. 
An employee experiencing or escaping domestic and family violence may access special leave with pay for domestic and family violence in accordance with the organisation's leave guideline.  Special Leave may be required to enable the employee th attend appointments, for example: 

  1. Support organisations;
  2. Solicitors;
  3. Court applications; and
  4. Other activities that may be necessary to maintain safety and progress towards a life free from domestic and family violence. 
In consultation with the employee concerned, Red Office Chairs T/A Your Marketing Machines is to give consideration to developing strategies, such as a Workplace Domestic Violence Safety plan detailed in the Domestic Violence Workplace Guideline, to ensure the safety of the employee while at work, including but not limited to; programming mobile phones with emergency and contact numbers, screening incoming calls to the employee and changing work roles/locations (on a temporary basis) to improve safety.  Where an abusive partner/family member has come to the workplace and has threatened or harassed the employee or any other employee, the police are to be advise immediately.  The incident is reported to the Director. 
Where an employee is reasonably suspected to have used domestic and family violence in or from the workplace, and the behaviour may be a criminal matter, a report must be made to the police and the incident reported to the Director. 

6.  Risk

Domestic and family violence can result in health problems, both physical and psychological.  Accordingly, failure to recognise domestic and family violence as possible causes of health problems may lead to employees attending the workplace when they may not be fit enough to do so or may lead to an increase in absence and/or a decrease in performance.  It is possible that a perpetrator may attempt to seek out the victim in the workplace.  This policy and associated guidelines aim to mitigate these risks.. 

7. Contact Us

If you have a question regarding this Domestic and Family Violence Policy, please contact the Director at:  


Phone:                   0401 304 662

Address:                22 Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane QLD 4169

Contact:                 Andrea Anderson

Last Updated: Monday, 22 Jan 2024

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