Marketing Secret #30 Building Relationships based on Empathy and Trust

Would you agree that people are generally sceptical of any salesperson, business owner or professional?   And, would you say that because of the scepticism, this adds to the problems in marketing?

If you agree, congratulations! you are on the right track.  Unfortunately, business today has created this environment of "Prove It and then I will see", making it more difficult than ever to know how to appeal to our prospects.    

So, let’s look at life from a prospect’s mind for a second.

I know exactly how you feel-your-marketing-machines

Mmmm, where to start!!  Ok, the failed financial institutions?  The lying political leaders?  Household companies who are now bankfupt? And the GFC which impacted on small businesses around the world?  

I guess we shouldn’t leave that out.

If you are wondering why they are full of distrust, can you really blame them?  Remember they suffer just like you. 

There is so much more we could say.

The reality is, that no one believes in anything the way they used to!  They are sceptical as hell. 
(By the way, the definition of sceptical as per the Oxford Dictionary, doubting that something is true or useful.”)

And nor should they.

I believe, your prospects still want a solution that is very important to them. They want someone who truly cares about them.  Who has empathy for them.  Who has compassion for them.  Who wants to make their life better.

So, if they want this very badly, and they don’t believe anything anymore, how do we bridge this gap?

1.  Build Relationship First 

Have you ever gone to a bar to relax only to have some weirdo try to pick you up and take you home?  All you want to do is smack them in the face and walk away.  Well, that is how your prospects feel when you attempt to sell them in the first connection.

The pitch I love to hate is: "So tell me what the pain points are in your business, so I can help you"

To your prospect this is what they hear: "I know you are in pain right now but if you don't take my product or service you will always be in pain and never amount to anything"

Wow, Assumption is the Mother of all F%$kups!!!  You immediately make the assumption that I am in pain AND that I am going to share this with you at the first meeting.

If you are going to generate leads, be prepared to build a slow and steady empathic connection with your prospect.  Take the time to let them see you are genuinely interested in them, before you ask for the sale!  Remeber, Relationships are the new Currency.

2.  Avoid Making Claims

Everybody and I mean everybody, hates claims.  You know, a claim is some sort of statement that tells the listener that;

Your Whatever Is The Best Whatever, And That You Are The Best Person To Deliver The Best Whatever, Because Your Company Is Best At Making The Best Whatever, Because It Has More Experience And It Has A Bigger Office!

Or in other words, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Read my type:It doesn't matter how good you think you are, what matters is how GREAT everyone says you are!

Honestly, nobody gives a rats!  In fact it's the fastest way to put off your prospects. If you pound your chest and brag about yourself and your company, they get nauseous.

3.  Get Testimonials and References

There is nothing better than third party recommendation and support, with current customers raving about how they achieved success/satisfaction from your product or service.  The Sceptism Level will drop considerably!!  

In fact, the very best testimonials to overcome scepticism are the ones that say how they didn’t believe you at first, and were so pleasantly surprised after they used you.  By agreeing with the prospects’ natural scepticism – and then blowing it away – the whole thing becomes much more believable and real!

4.  There’s Comfort in Crowds

Imagine your clients attending a Thank You for Business event and you invite prospects along.  What do you think your prospects will experience in a room full of happy campers?  The “safety in numbers” syndrome will alleviate all of the scepticism they may have brought with them.  People will correctly assume that if all these others like you, then you must be legit.

5.  Be Honest about Who You Are

Nobody likes a liar, it raises the Sceptism Level, go figure.  You may not know what your prospect is going to like or dislike about you, however I can guarantee that being a Liar is definitely the fastest way to lose them.   so be honest about who you are.    By being real, you make prospects feel that you are legitimate, and not full of typical hot air.  

6.  Give People a Guarantee

When a person is on the fence, a guarantee can do the trick.  If you are willing to back up your product or service 100% and tell people they have nothing to lose, you will eliminate scepticism big time.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say to me, “I really wasn’t sure about you, but now I am very happy I made the decision to go with you!”   Guarantees may sound hokey, but they work like crazy!

Final note...

I hope this little discussion will improve your prospecting by tearing away the sceptic that lives inside each one of us.  Keep in mind, you still probably have a level of scepticism right now, but at least you’ll know about empathy.  And there is nothing more powerful than demonstrating genuine empathy. People are always attracted to others who empathise with them and their lives.

Why not make things easy and show empathy?  

See if you can think of other ways to build empathy, and then see if you can keep track of all your new sales (and profits)!

Take Action today and stay in CONTROL of your Marketing!

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