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Improved Market Positioning - Website Re Development for highly respected tertiary education company.

Desiring to highlight their expertise and services delivered with care, the client seeks to be relevant, fresh and appealing, while able to promote and support education training across Australia.

The Challenge

How do you highlight over 25 years' experience, maintain business professionalism in a growth industry and continue to build nationally while increasing lead generation?  

The Solution

Re-engineer the website as a fully functioning, user friendly tertiary education site, allowing leads from across the nation to be dealt with efficiently through one office. 

The Result

UX designed website outlining multiple courses while making it easy for lead generation and contact information capturing, with increased conversion and sales. 

Supporting a trusted and expert brand

Based in the Fraser Coast region, All States Training (AST) began in 1995 identifying a significant need in the market for high quality training for large and small construction, rural machinery and equipment to workplace health and safety standards.

The client had engaged a previous web and marketing company to brand their business. Unfortunately, the current website underwent a functional update, which negatively impacted the user-friendliness of the website. Becoming word-heavy,      with no clear style consistency, there was a direct correlation between low classroom numbers and a poor website presence.  In comparison to their competitors, their website was lack-lustre, unappealing and was difficult to source the right course.



New Website Build

Starting with in-depth discussion with the client, key elements or 'non-negotiables' were defined firstly to ensure these could be achieved in a new website.  Some of these key elements noted included the ability for each course to have its own lead capturing form so the Office staff could respond quickly; each course to have its own unique landing page for promotion and nationally based trainers to be promoted.  The website needs to be purposeful, simple-to-navigate, easy to find the right course and apply, while simple to administrate new course inquiries.

As a leading tertiary education provider with more than 20 courses available, the website had to support the main organisation, more than 1200 students annually and more than 30 trainers across Australia.

Utilising the current brand guide, the website was re-built to be modern, relatable to their specific audience while being user-friendly.

The imagery was provided by the client, which also highlights their core values of commitment, safety, family first and passion.

Creating consistency in the course layout, the website was increased in size from 40 pages to 145 pages, making it simple for both the end user and client administrators to respond to all inquiries. Every course has the exact same layout with all relevant information and its own Lead Capturing form. With its own form, administrators are able to respond to all inquiries quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for multiple emails and conversations. 

Every set of courses has its own colour combination, which also makes it easy for the enquirer to apply for the right course. 

Multiple course pages, allows the client to add new courses, turn off temporarily if necessary and update content, quickly.

As a national provider, the website identifies the wide expertise of their trainers throughout Australia.  This makes it easy for enquirers to sort based on the geographic location of trainers. 

Since going live with the new website, the client has experienced double the inquiries and a conversion of 82% of inquiries to students. The impact was almost immediate to the bottom line.


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