bidspace CASE STUDY

New Business Brand

Establishment of Bidspace as an estimation solution for trades professionals within a software-driven competitive market space.

The Challenge

How do you position a unique service such as project estimations in to a busy and heavily contested marketplace? 

The Solution

Create a brand that is so completely unique with a marketing message and execution plan that cuts straight through the pain points. 

The Result

An integrative business marketing strategy to gain market share through education, targeting their key audience and increasing lead generation to conversion. 

Establishing a Business Position

Bidspace is a revolutionary estimation solution based upon the 20+years of the founder's experience in the construction and fit out industry.  The major challenge for this client was determining their market advantage in a highly contested marketplace. Research identified that their main competitors were a software solution, which still required an experienced estimator to source all the data before completing a building estimation.

From the market research and data analytics, we created a 360 business marketing solution  which began with a new brand design, followed by an integrated Marketing and Business package. Our goal to present their full service solution that communicates with ease to their targeted audiences, while supporting their expertise and knowledge. For their end user, we want to be a memorable brand from the first post to the order form and presentation of the completed service. The brand design is a combination of simple, futuristic, data driven yet easy to engage with. The colour palette is predominantly blue and white on black, was chosen purposefully to stand out against the background.

We purposely chose a spirit animal to reflect the nature, attitude and characteristics of the business.  The cheetah known as the fastest land animal are renown for speed, accuracy, efficiency and adaptability. The animal was chosen purposefully to represent the brand.


Marketing Research, Brand and Google Audit, Industry Analysis, Plan Development, Business and Marketing Coaching, Website Development, Content Creation, Social Media Research and Execution, Email / Newsletter Marketing, Database Management.

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Brand Develop and Brand Positioning 
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