btl gems CASE STUDY

Website Re-design to support personal brand

With an extensive background as a business coach for hospitality and tourism businesses across Australia, BTL Gems coaches their clients to award-winning success.

The Challenge

How do you position and promote over 40 years of extensive experience, effectively while aligning to their unique combination of core values and passion?

The Solution

Rather than focusing on who the audience may be or the services, the solution focused on how the client supports their clients on their business growth and award-winning solutions.

The Result

A simple, yet elegant representation of the client's business philosophy, personal passion to help and the solutions she provides. 

Personal Brand Positioning

The client requested an elegant website style that would highlight her expertise and knowledge, while remaining true to her philosophy and values. 

With an extensive background in the tourism sector, the client has coached and mentored 1000s of businesses to award-wining success nationally and

The website is purposely simple, utilising her own imagery and easy to navigate. The brand colours are reflected throughout the website to maintain consistency and continuity of the brand. 


Website development and content writing - delivered by Your Marketing Machines.

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