Design governess CASE STUDY

Brand Positioning for Business Growth

With over 25 years' experience in graphic design and brand development, Design Governess is positioned to transform their client's business through intelligent design.

The Challenge

How do you highlight 25+ years of expertise and knowledge in a simple yet elegant digital presence?

The Solution

By focusing on the passion and principles, while highlighting their experience.  

The Result

The website style is paired back, simple yet effective allowing the portfolio to do the talking. 

Positioning Expertise and Knowledge

Design Governess, the brain-child of graphic designer and brand architect, Telia Dwyer. With an extensive background in design, the client's experience was borne pre-digital providing a unique combination of visual communication and intelligent design.

Rather, than relying on gimmicks the client requested a simplified approach, supporting transparency and allowing their expertise to shine.  

Working within the brand style guide, the website highlights the three main service offerings with the wide range of portfolios.

Simplification was essential for the client, hence the About Us and Contact Us pages have been combined. Furthermore, imagery has been kept to a minimum, which allows the Portfolio content to be noticeable.


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