jane's handcrafts and gifts CASE STUDY

Brand development and marketing positioning to support a growing Gifting business nationally.

With a passion for gifts, Jane's Handcrafts and Gifts was created to craft personalised gift boxes for every occasion.  Based in Springfield Lakes, Queensland the business has grown to become a national brand providing a wide range of signature and premium hampers while utilising locally grown and produced products. 

The Challenge

How do you establish a new, husband and wife business in a booming yet cost-driven industry to become a national brand?

The Solution

Create a brand based on three simple yet highly effective elements: Locally Produced, Simple Design & Personalised Passion. 

The Result

The outcome is a business where care and consideration is at the forefront of every order and the 'Gift Receiver' experiences appreciation!

About Jane's Handcrafts and Gifts

Founder, Amanda 'Jane' Vidal is the driving force behind Jane's Handcrafts and Gifts with a passion for gift giving and the personal conviction to build a brand that connects businesses to their clients through the act of giving a gift.  The brief was simple - align the business to Me and What I Love!!! 


Marketing Research, Industry Analysis, Website Development
- Delivered by Your Marketing Machines

Brand Development, Brand Positioning
- Delivered by Design Governess

Website: https://www.janeshandcraftsandgifts.com/

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