maryborough golf club QLD CASE STUDY

Complete Digital Marketing strategy and execution for Maryborough Golf Club Qld

With a very out-dated website, limited marketing collaboration and no clear direction, the Maryborough Golf Club Queensland had many attributes that weren't being used to leverage business success.  

The Challenge

How do you shift a sports club from being just for their aging members to a successful business that attracts new members, sponsorships and business growth?

The Solution

Gain clarity on the business direction and develop a realistic marketing plan that can be implemented with ease and managed successfully internally.

The Result

A digital business marketing strategy which incorporates simplicity, can be managed internally and allows for growth and expansion as the golf club increases. 

About Maryborough Golf Club Queensland

Based in the beautiful Fraser Coast Region, Maryborough Golf Club Queensland is situated on the heritage listed water reserve, Ululah Lagoon.  Established since 1927, the club had experienced many changes in its almost, 100 year history.  The course is surrounded by perfectly manicured greens with soft, well-grassed and tree-lined fairways.  The intention of the golf club was to update and attract new members across the ages to enjoy, learn and master the game of golf. 


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