pivotal financial CASE STUDY

New business re-positioning for a growing award-winning Finance and Mortgage Brokerage

With an expanding team in a growing industry, the business is looking to leverage their award winning reputation through a complete business and marketing solution.

The Challenge

How do showcase multiple financial products to fit every lifestyle situation, and new team members, easily while increasing market share?  

The Solution

Identify the business goals and objectives and ensure you have a master business marketing plan that appeals to all your audiences, effectively. 

The Result

An online business profile with high level user experience and functionality which highlights the business values, ethos and achieves their business goals.

The Plan Approach and Strategy

Started in 2013 in Brisbane, Australia, Pivotal Financial is a dedicated team of finance professionals passionate about providing expert advice, support and service in choosing the right financial solution for you.  Additionally, Pivotal Financial has become one of the fastest growing team of financial brokers.

Realising the potential to promote and maximise all the financial solutions available, Pivotal Financial was lost as to how they could communicate successfully to a wide and diverse audience regarding their solutions.  The key with the business plan approach, was to understand their goals and objectives and rather than focussing on individual audiences, rather focus on the life situation the audience member is seeking a solution for.  In taking this approach to focus on the life situation, made it easy to develop marketing messages and content strategies which are all aligned with the same values and ethos. 


Marketing and Social Media Research, Industry Analysis, Plan Development, Business and Marketing Coaching, Website UX Audit and Development & Content Creation

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Website: www.pivotalfin.com.au

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