sq8 solutions CASE STUDY

New Brand Development, positioning and Market Execution for Solar Company

Based on more than 15 years experience in the residential solar and energy saving industry, the intention was to bring to the market a forward thinking and innovative approach for the environmentally-conscious home owner. 

The Challenge

How do you promote an existing business in a growing industry to position value and quality while showcasing expertise?

The Solution

Design a brand and marketing strategy which aligns with the Owner's desire to provide high quality, enduring solutions. 

The Result

A brand with long-term thinking to design turn-key, modular, and renewable energy storage solutions. 

About SQ8 Solutions

SQ8 Solutions was borne from more than 130 years and 4 generations of positively impacting and contributing to the lives of Queenslanders.  The intention was to create an enduring brand that encompassed the values of generations passed, the traditions of the SQ8 brand and the innovation of new technology, highlighting environmentally sustainable solutions for home-owners and commercial operators. 


Marketing Research, Industry Analysis, Brand and Google Audit, Plan Development, Business and Marketing Coaching, Website UX Audit and Development, Content Creation, Social Media Research and Execution, Email / Newsletter Marketing & Database Management

- Delivered by Your Marketing Machines

Brand Development and Positioning

- Delivered by Design Governess

Website: www.sq8solutions.com.au

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