Business Maintenance - Market Growth

Maintaining the credibility of an established business while enhancing the quality of the brand for growth in a highly competitive environment

The Challenge

As an established business since 2012, Strata Insurance Solutions wanted to be seen as a mature, highly respected, trusted and personalised brand.  

The Solution

Update the business brand, ethos and principles to align with their expertise and market credibility while supporting national growth goals. 

The Result

A holistic full service approach to brand development, market expansion and growth while fine-tuning the marketing messages aligned with streamlined internal processes for lead generation to conversion.

Quality, Credibility, Consistency, Trust

Strata Insurance Solutions, founded by Tyrone Shandiman in 2012, has grown to service over 600 clients, covering both residential and commercial properties of all of Australia.  As an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet (IA), they focus on building long term relationships with clients while keeping in line with IA's key values and principles of Advice, Value, Trust and Choice. 

With more than 15 years experience in the financial services industry, Tyrone has risen to be an industry leader in the world of strata insurance.  As Strata Insurance Solutions was turning 10 years, the intention was to update the brand to reflect the maturity of the business, while remaining true to their core values.  Secondly, Strata Insurance Solutions were seeking a streamlined approach to their marketing efforts to increase lead generation and sales conversion.  

With ongoing changes to the industry, the solution was a holistic approach, first to identify market size, with consideration on geographic growth and market segmentation.  Through the market research and data analytics, marketing vehicles could be fine-tuned to attract the right audiences and expand on the business brand. 


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