the Enterprise Edge CASE STUDY

Creation and Brand Positioning The Enterprise Edge

New brand development and marketing strategy/execution to maximise the Business Owner's desire to impact positive change in the area of accounting for small to medium businesses'  

The Challenge

How do you position an accountant with a passion for small business enterprises to have a strong voice above its competitors?

The Solution

Devise a brand which supports the Owner's drive and ambition combined with a purpose-built marketing plan to appeal to their audience. 

The Result

A business marketing infrastructure which aligns to his values, is simple to understand, builds confidence and respectability quickly. 

The Plan and Strategy

The Enterprise Edge, formerly Stewart Accounting and Advisory, an accounting practice who ensures accuracy, reliability and innovation.The client was not happy with their previous branding or how they were presented to the market. Rather they desired a brand which highlighted their expertise and knowledge and differentiated them from their competitors, based upon his own core values and excellence.

Furthermore, the client wanted a marketing strategy which would support growth, improve brand awareness and stand above his competitors in a very competitive marketplace that is accounting.  The marketing game plan created had to ensure qualified and realistic leads were generated and align with his sale process. 


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Brand Development and Positioning 
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